I witnessed the strength of community spirit after the devastating flooding of 2022. I commit to fostering this sentiment of altruism and ensuring that, in times of crisis, we stand united in support of one another.

The devastating floods of 2022 demonstrated the resilience of the community. The response of the residents of Sylhet demonstrated their resolve and resiliency. As a public servant, I am dedicated to encouraging volunteerism. I will strive to construct a robust, interconnected community that is prepared for any challenge. Volunteering is about creating a culture of empathy and support in our ordinary lives, not just providing aid in times of disaster. We can strengthen the ties that bind our society together by coordinating community service initiatives, promoting active citizenship, and recognizing the contributions of volunteers. In times of adversity, we will stand united, compassionately and solidarily supporting one another.

“Volunteerism is the fabric of a strong community.” Together, with compassion and unity, we can overcome any adversity.”

Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury

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