Safety & Security

Every citizen has the right to safety and security as a basic human right. I commit to bolstering our policing system by ensuring that it is equitable, transparent, and accountable. I am determined to eliminate crime and create a peaceful environment for all residents of Sylhet.

Safety and security are the pillars of any prosperous society. I am dedicated to improving our policing system by making it more equitable, transparent, and accountable. In a time when confidence in public institutions is waning, I will work relentlessly to restore confidence in our police force. We can reduce crime and establish a tranquil environment by modernizing our law enforcement practices, enhancing police-community relations, and addressing corruption. My dream is for every resident of Sylhet to feel secure, with their rights protected and their safety guaranteed.

“We will restore confidence in our policing system by ensuring fairness, transparency, and safety for every Sylhet resident.”
Anwaruzzaman Chowdhur

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