I believe education to be the cornerstone of a prosperous society. Despite the fact that there are no city-run schools in Sylhet, I am determined to alter this. To ensure that all of our children receive a quality education, I intend to establish schools directly managed by the municipality.

Education is the foundation of a thriving society. Despite the absence of city-run schools in Sylhet at present, I am determined to alter this. I envisage a future in which all of our children are provided with a quality education by city-run schools. I will work assiduously to promote an education system that fosters the talents of our children and equips them with the necessary skills for the future. This dedication to education extends beyond the realm of academia. It is about developing the leaders of tomorrow, promoting civic engagement, and fostering a passion of learning that lasts a lifetime.

“I am committed to establishing city-run schools and fostering an education system that develops children’s talents and prepares them for the future.”

Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury

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